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Few things are as powerful as feeling like your story matters.

e.E. Charlton-Trujillo

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As one of the most dynamic speakers today, e.E. Charlton-Trujillo's school visits are part rock concert and part pep rally with an enthusiastic invitation for young people to be heard. It is an opportunity for conversations, ideas and a chance to go beyond the page of a book and engage students about their own stories.

From traditional and alternative schools, from libraries to juvenile detention, Trujillo has empowered the most reluctant young people to be heard. Because Trujillo applauds their self-expression and celebrates that their story matters, right now.

Beyond K-12, Trujillo continues to custom create workshops and keynotes for universities, conferences and professional development.  

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“e. empowered our students during small group writing, private conferences with ISS students as well as engaging the entire student body. She is easily one of the best author visits we’ve experienced.

Eva Goins
Anderson Middle School, TX

What To Expect

e.E.'s visits meet young people where they are in their storytelling journey. Class, race, body image, bullying, self-esteem, and the power of their voice are some of the topics that can be part of a visit.


Whether it's to an auditorium of students or smaller groups, Trujillo's visits are interactive, informative, inspiring, and fun even for the most reluctant creative in your school or program.

Book Trujillo today through Authors Outloud!


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