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Fat Angie: Homecoming

Forward Indies Bronze Award Winner
International Latino Book Awards Bronze 
Writer's League of Texas Finalist

With unexpected internet fame, two people vying for her heart, the assembling of an all-girl band, and coming to terms with her parents’ failures, Angie reclaims all that the word "fat" means and comes home to herself in this showstopper finale



"Angie’s love of her fat, beautiful body is refreshing, and her relationships with her friends and family feel nuanced and real." Kirkus Reviews

"The characters are diverse and realistic, and their conversations are a star of the book, both propulsive and straightforward." Forward Reviews


"E.E Charlton-Trujillo touches so many sensitive topics which is both revolutionary and perfect for today's times."
YA and Kids' Books Central

Expertly navigating the intricacies love and heartbreak, friendships, grief, and the redemptive magic of creativity, e.E. Charlton-Trujillo has crafted a diverse, inclusive, and deeply empowering story full of humor, heart, and authenticity. 

Amber Smith, NYT Bestselling Author The Last To Let Go

"Just like a rock ballad, Fat Angie: Homecoming is an ode to power and finding your strength after the hardest parts of life. Both heartbreaking and heart-lifting, devastating and hilarious." Jason June author of Jay's Gay Agenda



Fat Angie: Rebel Girl Revolution

Forward Indies Finalist

More trouble at school and at home — and the discovery of a missive from her late soldier sister — send Angie and a long-ago friend on an RV road trip across Ohio. Venturing to tourist attractions, unlikely stops all while challenging her comfort zone, Angie begins to realize the power of friendship with the most unlikely people as the power of her own voice begins to emerge.

"A welcomingly awkward, offbeat journey with many heartaches." Kirkus Reviews

"It’s still good to see Angie, a very human combination of neuroses, fears, truths, and desires, break through some of her defenses and take risks, from singing to loving." 
Publisher's Weekly

"Reading about her struggles is sometimes hard; she goes through so much pain all at once. But this makes the book’s cathartic moments all the more powerful. The best parts of Fat Angie: Rebel Girl Revolution hinge on these instances, where unexpected tenderness breaks through Angie’s cold, unforgiving world." Lambda Literary Review

"FAT ANGIE: REBEL GIRL REVOLUTION is a terrific book." YA and Kids Book Central

"Angie’s grief arc is credible and even laudable, especially as she focuses her anger on apt targets this time instead of herself." Bulletin For The Center of Children's Books

"Love it, highly recommend it . . ." Grab the Lapels




Fat Angie

Winner of the ALA Stonewall Book Award
Westchester Book Award
Lambda Literary Finalist
Choose to Read Ohio State Book
ALA Rainbow List
EBSCO Core Collection List

Her sister was captured in Iraq, she’s the resident laughingstock at school, and her therapist tells her to count instead of eat. Can a daring new girl in her life really change anything?

"Charlton-Trujillo offers a hard-hitting third novel that swings between incredibly painful low moments and hard-won victories." Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) 

"There is something absolutely cinematic about this book; in fact, it has all the bright-colored appeal of a cult favorite, subversive and funny and cool. Charlton-Trujillo has a real gift for language, and every page pops with arresting images . . . Highly recommend."
The Philadelphia Enquirer

"The voice of a dry and direct third-person narrator works in a story laden with heavy topics, including war, death, suicide, cutting, bullying ..." School Library Journal (starred review)

"Entrancingly eccentric prose, a protagonist “jam-packed with awkward” and a military sister missing in action coalesce into a memorable romance that’s rockier than might be expected—and more realistic."

Kirkus Reviews

"Angie’s gradual grieving process, which takes her through crushing embarrassment as well as bittersweet triumph, will move readers as it takes up multiple contemporary issues and processes them with both credibility and considerable rhetorical finesse." Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Fat Angie is an incredibly sensitive book, yet entertaining at the same time. That’s a rare and
precious combination!" Margarita Engle, Author, The Lightning Dreamer

"Beautifully written, dark and wildly funny, this book will have you crying, raging and cheering." Waking Brain Cells

"... Beautifully written, painful, romantic, uplifting and touching." The Book Smugglers

"The writing captures with great verisimilitude the rhythm of a teenager’s life and thoughts."
PCTELA News Review

9 Books To Hold You Over Until "Hunger"


Feels Like Home

New York Public Library List for Teens
Lonestar Award Finalist

Growing up in a dead-end South Texas town, Mickey had two things she could count on: her big brother, Danny—the football hero everyone loved—and a beat-up copy of The Outsiders. But after an accident—after Danny abandoned her to a town full of rumors and a drunken father—all Mickey had left was a smoky memory, her anger, and the resolution to get out of town for good. But Danny is back, and he's not the golden boy who left six years earlier. The life Mickey has worked so hard to rebuild now seems to be falling apart. And the mysterious death of Danny's best friend six years ago continues to haunt the edges of Mickey's mind. No matter how hard she tries, she can't remember what happened that night—but she's starting to realize that remembering might be the only way she can move on. 

"Realistic dialogue and unexpected metaphors help to enliven a narrative that builds suspense."

Kirkus Reviews

"...Winning mix of tragedy, romance and chemistry."

Publishers Weekly


Prizefighter en Mi Casa

Winner of the Delacorte Dell Yearling Award

Winner of the Parent's Choice Silver Honor

National Council for the Social Studies Notable Book
New York Public Library List for Teens

Twelve-year-old Chula Sanchez isn’t thin, isn’t beautiful and isn’t popular in her south Texas town. And now that a car accident has left her father paralyzed and her plagued with seizures, she is poor. But Chula’s father is determined to pull his family out of debt. He sends for El Jefe—the most revered prizefighter in Mexico. Chula’s father hopes that with steel-pipe arms and fists "like pit bulls," El Jefe will win the local illegal boxing matches and bring home much-needed money. But El Jefe—a man who many see as a monster—only brings confusion to a home that is already filled with problems. And now Chula must decide for herself whether good and bad can reside in one person and whether you can have strength in your heart when your fists have none.

". . . a world not often seen in children’s literature and is a terrific choice for discussion."

Kirkus Reviews

". . . a startlingly vivid first-person narrative of a girl who understands that she needs to be brave and is not sure she's up to it."

School Library Journal

"What we are dealing with here is an author that puts her characters into terrible danger and great moral peril and then redeems them with a well-placed thought or description . . .  The author deftly shows how this racial situation has warped Chula's family. The question of how to escape the life she was born into is always there. And the answer, for the record, is just as complicated as the question.

Elizabeth Bird

"Deftly written, author e. E. Charlton-Trujillo gives life and sadness, hope and despair to a Mexican family." 

Parent's Choice Foundation



Living Beyond Borders: Growing Up Mexican In America

Read Across America Summer 2022
Three Starred Reviews
TAYSHAS List 2022
Spirt of Texas Reading List 2022

Twenty stand-alone short stories, essays, poems, and more from celebrated and award-winning authors make up this YA anthology that explores the Mexican American experience. Featuring my short story "CoCo Chamoy y Chango."

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