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Examining Images of Urban Life

Contributing Author

“A valuable addition to current conversations about the most popular category of fiction, and will be of particular interest to those teaching children’s and young adult literature courses in colleges and universities, as well as those training preservice high school English teachers.” (Dr. Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania and author of The Dark Fantastic: Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to The Hunger Games)


“This book disputes formulaic portrayals of urban youth . . .  A must- have for every middle and high school English language arts teacher.” (Dr. James Blasingame, Professor of Young Adult Literature, Arizona State University)

“This terrific and timely collection gives cities their due―not as dark and “gritty” places but as challenging, rich, exciting environments in which people can grow and thrive.” (Dr. Kenneth Kidd, Professor of English, University of Florida)

“Gatsby, Gossip Girls, gentrification, genre. These are just a few of the focal points through which young adult literature is viewed in this remarkable collection of essays about the images of urban life in contemporary and classic literature.” (Dr. Teri Lesesne, Distinguished Professor of Library science, Sam Houston State University, Texas)

Understanding Suicide.png

Understanding Suicide: A National Epidemic

Contributing Interviewee

“Goldsmith offers both coping techniques for those who have experienced a suicide in the family, and warning signs and treatments that can and have saved lives.”― Booklist


“An effective, compassionate guide to a subject that needs one.“― Kirkus Reviews


“Goldsmith writes for children and incorporates quotes and information from a few well-known young adult authors.”



“Of particular interest to teens are the quotes and advice from influential YA authors. Chris Crutcher offers guidance in his capacity as a mental health specialist, Libba Bray speaks of living with depression, and e.E. Charlton-Trujillo warns of the potentially devastating consequences of bullying. Edifying and thorough, this title will prove useful for students doing research or those interested in learning about this tragic phenomenon.”― School Library Journal


Smashing Stigma: Dismantling Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination

Contributing Interviewee

The book examines stigmas associated with mental illness, addiction, domestic violence, and more; sharing stories of people who have lived with stigma and overcome it, and including steps teens can take to combat its ugliness, to Shaina Olmanson at Twenty-First Century Books. Publication 2023.

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